Our Story

How and what we eat has long been the cornerstone of health, social cohesion, and our connection with nature. We are characterised by our experience of food, as individuals and as a community. Regardless of who we are, food is a common language we have always shared and understood.

The Issue

But today, our food system is in crisis.

We’re witnessing an unprecedented change which is disconnecting the earth from the billions of people who rely on it for their survival. This disconnection has not only resulted in widespread environmental degradation, but also the deterioration of the physical and emotional health of people, all along the food chain.

Farmers are toiling an ever-degrading and drying landscape.

Hospitality professionals are disconnected from the produce they’re using and are increasingly overworked with high levels of social isolation, with 1-in-4 experiencing challenges in mental health as well as drug and alcohol abuse.

Consumers are plagued by dietary-related diseases, currently resulting in Australia’s leading public health issue.

We urgently need a new food system, one that reconnects people with the land, themselves, and each other.


We believe the hospitality industry sits on and extraordinary opportunity to shift the paradigm. As the conduit between consumer and farmer, the hospitality industry is uniquely positioned to influence the future of food.

Common Ground Project exists to help catalyse this change, by creating meaningful connections between the Melbourne hospitality industry and the Victorian food bowl. We are dedicated to rebuilding a food system that uses regenerative agriculture to nourish the environment that sustains it, the people whose livelihoods depend upon it, and the people who are fed daily by it.


All money raised for and by this project supports the use of regenerative farming practices, and improved access to meditation, mindfulness, and mental health support for the hospitality industry.


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